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A Proprietress of Passion and Artful Living

Laura Ramirez's passion for Native American culture grew out of her relationship with her husband, Larry, who is Yaqui and Chirricahua. "When I fell in love with my husband, I fell in love with his culture and all the ideas and constructs that have fashioned him into such a wise and humane man." Struck by the symbology and sacredness of Native American art and the reoccuring themes of respect for family, culture and Mother Earth, Laura began her own collection of Southwest art. Says Ms. Ramirez, "My business is my passion ... it grew out of my love for Native American art and my desire to give Native artisans the international exposure that they deserve."

Although Laura is Irish American, through research she has discovered the striking similarities between Irish and Native American philosophies. For instance, both are tribal cultures with a strong emphasis on family. Also, both cultures believe that when you live, you dream and when you die, you awaken from the dream. According to Ms. Ramirez this is why an Irish funeral is called "a wake."

As a mixed-race couple raising bi-racial children, Laura and Larry are constantly striving to capture the spirituality which is the essence of their relationship. Laura's husband, Larry, has told her that she's "brown inside," as she comes from a race of people who are looked upon as the natives of Europe.

Ms. Ramirez's passions are also evident in her writings. She authors all the content for her site, including the articles on conscious parenting that she publishes in her monthly ezine, "Family MATTERS!" and the bits of Native American Indian wisdom which she offers on her "Secrets of Life and Culture" page. Ms. Ramirez is currently in the process of writing e-books that will be available for download from her site.

Laura's husband Larry also writes. His "Prayer to Consciousness" will soon be available for sale on the site.

As a web site proprietress, Laura strives to give her customers personal attention ... the kind of attention that they might get while shopping in a small boutique or gallery. Above all else, she values you, the customer.

With her offering of products, Ms. Ramirez hopes to help you create your own personal sanctuary ... your respite from the fast-paced, technological world. She seeks to offer you that which is unique and those items that elevate everyday objects to works of art.

Ms. Ramirez suggests that you take time out from your busy life and live artfully: "When you're decorating your home, you're expressing your spirit. Surround yourself with beauty. Live artfully, whether you're adorning your body, arranging a presentation of food, or decorating your home. When you live with an awareness of art, you live in the present and explore the deepest yearnings of your soul."

Now that Kokopelli's Treasures has achieved a measure of success, the "family" has been expanded by a partnership of sorts. Photo of the cast from The Sopranos Larry and Laura Ramirez with the cast of The Sopranos

Kokopelli's Treasures has been in business on the web, providing quality customer service since 1999

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 11:00-4:00
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Kokopelli's Treasures
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We are an online company. If you contact us by phone, please leave a message and we will return your call by the next business day. Although we are happy to answer your questions, we do not take orders over the phone. If you would like to fax your order, please fax all pertinent information including contact and credit card info to 775-856-4277.

We do not accept rush orders because most of our items are handmade by our artists. Please always check the availability of the item you are ordering. Much of our offering is custom made to order. Call us with any questions.

We add new items frequently. Please bookmark our site and check back frequently.

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