Revitalize your Hair and Skin ...

...with products used for centuries by Native Americans. Jojoba oil is the finest moisturizing oil in the world. Gentle, yet effective, its uses range from a hair conditioner to treating severe dry skin conditions to eradicating athlete's foot. Our oil is 100% pure and contains no perfumes or chemical additives. Try it and you'll discover how quickly Jojoba oil penetrates the skin, leaving it soft, non-greasy and velvety smooth. The first time you try it, you'll notice a difference.

The Jojoba Oil Skin and Haircare Gift Pack comes with everything you'll need to care for your hair and skin and keep it smooth, soft and glowing. Each gift pack comes with your choice of a 2 or 4 oz bottle of Jojoba Oil, 8 or 16 oz bottle of Jojoba Shampoo and a bar of Jojoba/Glycerine soap. Although our Gift Pack is affordable priced, it has the same properties as Jojoba oil products that sell for twice as much.

Personal Testimonial My family and I have been using Jojoba Oil products for five months now. I use the oil both on my face and body and am amazed with the improvement in my skin. My mother, who is in her sixties, massages Jojoba Oil into her face every night before she goes to sleep and so convinced of its moisturizing properties that she's thrown out her collection of expensive facial creams.

My two young boys are prone to athlete's foot, which we have successfully eradicated with Jojoba Oil. Unlike many products out there, it relieves the itch, as it heals and beautifies the skin.

Read on for more uses for Jojoba Oil products.

Pure Jojoba Oil

Use Kokopelli's Treasures Jojoba Oil as a facial moisturizer, a dry skin conditioner (it even heals cracked heels), a bath oil, shaving cream, make-up remover, cuticle softener, hair conditioner or massage oil.

Pure jojoba oil has no bacteria and won't go rancid. It's odorless and non-greasy, so it won't react with other products that you use. Kokopelli's Treasures Pure Jojoba oil is just that -- it contains no mineral oil, castor oil or petroleum.

For Men and Boys: Jojoba Oil helps with dry skin problems, irritation, fungus, psoriasis, carpenter's and concrete hands, white elbows, itching fingers, thumbs and cracked heels. Because it has no bacteria it can be used on raw skin. Men swear by it. As a hair dressing, it's an alcohol-free product that will make his hair shiny and healthy, while keeping it in place.

Have a dog or cat with skin problems? Kokopelli's Treasures Jojoba Oil is safe and beneficial.

Available in 2 or 4 oz bottles.

Jojoba Shampoo

Jojoba Shampoo is a blend of vitamin E, amino acids and jojoba. As a cleansing agent, Jojoba shampoo helps your scalp maintain the acid mantle required to fight dryness, excess oiliness and harmful bacteria which can lead to scalp disorders.

As a natural conditioner, Jojoba Shampoo leaves your hair luxurious and more manageable with increased vitality and texture.

Available in 8 or 16 oz bottles.

Jojoba/Glycerine Soap

This gentle cleansing bar is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Contains no detergents, drying alcohol, waxy fillers or artificial colors. Made with vitamin E, natural vegetable oils, coconut oils, glycerine, jojoba oil and protein to help protect even the most sensitive skin.

For Dry Skin: the glycerine attracts moisture which protects the skin from drying while washing. The moisture properties of Jojoba oil continue this process.

For Oily Skin: the gentle cleansing action neutralizes oily skin with each subsequent washing.

For Men & Boys: Jojoba Glycerine Soap is a natural cleansing aid and a completely non-irritating shaving soap. The moisture properties of Jojoba oil protect the skin, while adding to razor blade life.

Pamper yourself and your family with Kokopelli's Treasures Jojoba Oil Hair and Skincare Gift Pack.

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