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Southwest Switchplate & Outlet Covers
with Unique Handpainted Petroglyph Design

Southwest Switchplate & Outlet Covers

It's the little extras ... the accessories that carry the Southwest theme from room to room throughout your home. These decorative switchplates and outlet covers come in every configuration to meet your needs, whether you have toggle or rocker switches. The combo switch is a single toggle with two outlets.

Above is the Painted southwest switchplate cover design with Petroglyph designs. The combination single switch and outlet cover are available in this style.

When installing your switchplate and outlet covers, please take care not to overtighten the screws, as the switchplates are made of Gardencast (a ceramic material) and can be somewhat fragile. Be especially careful when installing switchplates on bowed walls.

Available southwest switchplate cover types are toggle (the standard switch type with the smaller cutout shown in the inset) or rocker, which is the larger switch type (shown in the photo at the top of the page).

Combo switch shown below (only available as a toggle with two outlets):

southwest switchplate

Prices for Southwest Switchplate Covers
Single Toggle$14
Double Toggle$17
Triple Toggle$20
Quadruple Toggle$22
Outlet Cover$14
Single Rocker$14
Double Rocker$17
Triple Rocker$20
Quadruple Rocker$22
Combo (Single Toggle)$16

Important Note: Minimum order: $40.00. When selecting the number of switches for your switchplate cover, please don't get confused by the numbers on the drop down form. For instance Triple(+6) means that the triple switchplate is $6 more than the base price for the single switchplate. This is how we program our shopping cart. So the (+6) has to do with pricing, rather than with the number of cutouts for the switch. A triple is a triple. We hope this clears up any confusion.

A testimonial from one of our satisfied customers:

"I ordered switchplates from you, and I found the customer service to be excellent!"

"Living in Minnesota, there are very few (if any) places to shop for southwestern items. I'm very grateful to have your website as a place to shop. Your e-mails regarding my order are friendly and informative. Thanks!"

Susan Reinhardt, Woodbury, MN

Allow two to three weeks for delivery.

Order your painted southwest switchplate covers today.

Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks. Shipped via UPS Ground.

Southwest Switchplates

Kokopelli's Treasures

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks

Handpainted Southwest Switchplate bac1100$14.00Switch Type:  Switch Number: 

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